Renting a RV is on my Bucket List
It’s amazing the many people I speak to when I tell them i have a RV Rental company that they say, “I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THAT”.

2015 IS YOUR YEAR. Renting an RV is pretty simple. Below is a quick list of some of the most frequent asked questions we receive.

How is it to drive? – RV Driving can be simple if you think BIG. It’s longer and wider than a car. Once you find your way of keeping it in the middle of the road, highway driving is a breeze. The other thing is turns and using help when backing up. You have to turn wide and you have to remember to let your back tires past an object before you turn. Otherwise your backen may potentially hit something. Statistics say most accidents happen in gas stations. Stopping distance is also a factor. You weigh more than a car so you have to stop 100-200ft. There are great videos on your tube. Take a look below.

Hows the Gas mileage? – I usually tell customer you will get between 6-8 miles per gallon depending on which way the wind blows. Head wind or back wind will play a part in gas mileage. We always make sure our tires are inflate to the proper pressure. This helps as well. Rule of thumb says that every 10 MPH over 60 will result in .10 more cent at the pump. I’m hoping the $2.00 gas prices stay around for a while.

How many does it sleep? – The RV’s we have sleep as little as 6 and up to 10 people. Lot’s of people use the RV’s for travel and not necessarily to sleep. The number of seat belts are follow. Driver/Passenger seat(2), Couch(3), Dinette(4), Chair(1). 9-10 people can comfortable ride in our RV’s.