Memories versus Moments

“Give a gift, and it’s just a moment. Give an experience, and it’s a memory.”

How many of us have wanted a certain item for a long time, but when we finally got it, we never used it as much as we thought we would? Or worse yet, the item just wasn’t as great as we’d cracked it up to be, so it brought us no joy at all. Many of us see this with little kids at Christmas time. That toy they nagged you about for months gets a moment of attention before being cast aside for the next exciting item. After a few weeks, many of the toys will never be played with again.

Experiences are different. They’re more than just a collection of moments strung together. They’re the stories that make up the chapters of our lives. Many of us rely too much on collecting stuff that we think will make us happier, smarter, or wealthier. We don’t spend enough time and energy on creating experiences that will leave us and our loved ones with positive memories.

This year, resolve to create memories instead of moments for yourself and your family. Travel ranks high on the list of experiences that leave lasting memories, and it doesn’t need to be extravagant.